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What brand of socket is of good quality? This socket selection strategy is quick to collect.

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Plug row, socket, can be described as a solution to the desktop power supply "the last 1 meter problem" excellent helper. However, in recent years, fire accidents caused by unqualified quality of sockets have occurred from time to time. Previously, the risk monitoring of the Guangdong Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection for commercially available sockets showed that more than 80% of sockets could not meet the new national standard for sockets! The small socket is actually a "hidden bomb", how can you not let people have bad feelings?

The socket selection is not good to harm others and oneself. but how should we start with this small socket? there are hundreds of socket brands, what are the brands worth starting with? don't worry, today I will show you the domestic tide socket launched by aigo and other new domestic brands!

Although the working principle of the socket is simple, it actually has strict requirements on the materials used. In 2015, the state issued two major standards, GB/T 2099.3-2015 and GB/T 2099.7-2015, which imposed strict requirements on extension cord sockets and socket converters and forced the elimination of former universal sockets. Therefore, when selecting sockets, it is necessary to check whether the packaging is marked with the latest implementation standards and whether it has passed 3C certification.