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Talent concept

Talent concept

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Talent concept: both moral and talent, not limited to one pattern, making the best of talents, making the best of talents
He who has both ability and virtue is the talent of virtue, and he who has virtue is the commander of talent. "Morality" -- having high basic quality, "talent" -- basic ability to perform post duties. The ancients said: there is something short, there is something long, there is something short, there is something unknown. In selecting and employing people, we don't want to have both, but we should take morality as the first, promote talents with morality, and cultivate morality with talents. By improving the quality of talents, we can build a talent structure with both ability and morality.
Do not stick to one pattern - innovate the concept of talents, do not stick to one pattern to select talents, do not talk about seniority, only select talents. We will continue to expand the channels of talent selection, find talents in practice, cultivate talents, train talents, make bold use of talents, vigorously cultivate innovative professionals, and constantly develop and expand the talent team, so as to add potential to the sustainable development of enterprises.
Make the best of people's talents - people have length, regardless of size, virtue and talent, both inside and outside. Know people and do their best. Discerning, loving, generous, courageous and tolerant. Deeply explore the flash point of each employee, give full play to the strengths of each employee, maximize the integration of human resources of the enterprise, provide a strong impetus for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and promote the enterprise to enter the fast lane of healthy development.
Make the best use of their talents - because of their materials, their ability to judge any, use their strengths, cover their weaknesses. Know people and be good at their duties, only be talented, suitable for the post, suitable for the post and pay. With keen insight, we can find out the personality characteristics of each employee, use talents according to their ability, put talents in the most appropriate position, apply the advantages of employees to the most suitable work, and make the wise in their position, the capable in their position, each safe in their position, develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and make their talents.
Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Guoguang group always adheres to the talent concept of "people-oriented", actively creates an atmosphere of respect, understanding, integrity and friendship, respects people's knowledge and ability, selection and development mechanism, provides a platform for talent growth, makes talent become a strong support for the sustainable development of enterprises, and realizes the common growth and development of enterprises and talents.

Personnel Training

Personnel Training

Education is the basis of employment. According to the characteristics of different categories and levels of talents, the company has constantly improved and innovated the talent training mechanism, established a wide-ranging, multi-level and open talent training system, and gradually established a new talent training model in line with the group enterprise environment.



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