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Helping the company to build party members and volunteers in action

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Recently, the party branch of Guoguang Group Co., Ltd. launched a volunteer activity for party members to "help the company's safety production standardization construction. According to the unified arrangement of the company, more than 10 party members of the branch and department workshop supervisors, taking the factory area of the company as the center, each of them shall take its own responsibilities, act separately, and go to the staff dormitory area, workshop and other areas in batches to pick up garbage and clean up various sanitary dead corners.
At the activity site, everyone held iron clips, garbage bags, etc. and cooperated with each other. Some held paper scraps, cigarette butts, and some held bags. Through the organization and development of this party member volunteer activity, the majority of party members have expressed that in the preparation stage of the company's safety production standardization construction review, they must have a sense of the overall situation, and they must be brave to take responsibility in front of major events, to ensure the high-quality completion of the company's various tasks, and contribute to the company's development. power.